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QA Dump #24

What is your go-to doodle? Excluding QC characters. :)

A cat with a boner

Is there any character you’d love to bring back, but haven’t been able to think of the right storyline?

I have all sorts of ideas for Sven, but other stuff just keeps jumping ahead of him in line. SOMEDAY :’(

How did you get good at drawing? Did you study anatomy or art theory or anything like that? How did you start?

A) I’m not very good at drawing! But I do my best.

B) I’ve always drawn cartoons and stuff, but I didn’t really “study” anything before I started QC (and it shows). If you wanna start drawing, just start! It’s fun.

What was your dream job when back in your high school / early college days?

Rock star

have you ever considered writing straight prose instead of writing in comic form?

Yes, but I’m not sure I have the patience required. I’m friends with a number of professional authors and their job seems 1000x more difficult than mine.

Are Momo’s pigtails connected/detachable? (Has somebody already asked that?)

It’s a secret

What inspired Bonercat? I mean except the true ten year old that dwells within all of us.

Cat + Boner = timeless, beloved character a la Snoopy or Winston Churchill

I just read your post addressing the development of artificial intelligence within the universe of Questionable Content. That got me to wondering - have you ever given the topic of true artificial intelligence in ‘our’ world any thought? There’s a whole think-tank based in California devoted to that very purpose. It’s called the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence and it has a whole website full of articles about that very issue. It sounds like something you’d be interested in.

I am too pessimistic about our future as a species to get my hopes up about real-world AI. :(

Do you know approximately how many readers you have? Sometimes it strikes me as incredible that I can randomly meet people and bond over your comic, no matter where it is that I go.

Around 400,000 I believe.

On Christmas, I started reading Simon Garfield’s “Just My Type.” I was enjoying the chapter on Comic Sans (“We Don’t Server Your Type”) and … there was classic Faye (on p.16 of the US Hardcover) threatening to punch a bunny! I hate Christmas, but somehow in that moment it was all made bearable. Thank you.

Hmm. I should really contact them and see if that was used with permission.

cont: i have a stretchy face as well but i can’t even fathom the pain of stretch your septum two sizes at once. JESUS GOD MAN

Yeah it hurt pretty bad. BUT I REGRET NOTHING

Did you have to learn anything about trademark and copyright laws before you went full time with Questionable Content? or just for any reason at all?

Nope! Copyright is easy- if you produced something and can prove you did, you have the copyright. It’s that simple. Trademarking is more complicated and expensive, but also not necessary unless you start getting huge amounts of attention. I should PROBABLY trademark things like “Pintsize” “AnthroPC” and “Bonercat” but it’s not absolutely necessary.

QC has good about making anxiety disorders, and those with them, feel/be less stigmatized. Would you consider portraying another mental illness in-depth, like let’s say schizophrenia? Or would that be a little heavy and/or dark for the comic?

Probably nothing as severe as schizophrenia, I don’t have the life experience or educational background to handle something like that realistically. But there will always be Mental Problems in QC.

When is that DnD print going to be available? I don’t mean to be impatient, but I am just damn eager to give you my money.

Thanks for reminding me! Now that I’m back from NZ I can send the art to Topatoco. So…SOON

are you by chance a fan of the anime Bleach?


Ignore the fangirling… but have you ever taken writing classes? I’m just curious because you write with a fluency that makes even reading your normal pieces a pleasure, I read the Pyr post and came out the other side having laughed, cried and even desiring a new dog - or is that sort of stuff just something that comes with experience?

I was always told I was a good writer in school or whatever, but I don’t think I have any special talent for it. Any skill I have is due to absorbing bits and pieces from all the authors I enjoy. Douglas Adams and Jerkcity are probably the two biggest influences on my “conversational” writing.

Did you know that a pornstar is following your blog? (stoya(.)tumblr(.)com) Not saying it’s bad or omgpornstarsaredifferentfromotherpeople, but I know some people who would think of this as a Big Deal.

I think that’s pretty great! She’s also a GWS fan so she MUST be cool. :)

What was your least painful piercing?

Least painful was probably the original earlobe piercings. But any mouth piercings, even the huge 8g punches I just had done, barely hurt at all.

who’s your favorite drummer?

I don’t do favorites, but John Stanier, the guy from Failure, the guy from Meshuggah, and the guy from Mastodon are all fucking ridiculously good.

How do you feel about the reception QC has gotten? (Does it make you nervous with each releasing day, or are you more confident? Likewise with pride, perfectionism, etc)

Most of the time I’m just thankful that so many people enjoy it. But sometimes the haters get to me, and sometimes I worry about it because it IS my sole means of income and it IS a lot of pressure. But for the most part I just enjoy the good bits and ignore the bad ones.

You said your parents have a Jack [Russell terrier], what are your thoughts on them? Mine has no problem wrestling 100lb+ dogs down when they challenge her.

Jack Russells are the Tony Stark of small dogs

Today on QC (2091) Marten said “I was much whinier then (a year ago)” Has a year passed in QC time, and if so, which comics are from that time period? Also, about how long did Marten and Dora last in QC time?

I imagine it’s been at least a couple years in comic-time since the strip started. I think Marten and Dora dated for maybe 9 months their time?

Is there a reason that the Cashier in #2092 looks like Justin Bieber?

She’s a lil’ Bieberesque in real life too

Hey! So, this is an awkward thing to say, but my life was pretty shitty last winter and my friend sent me QC. It took me a whole fucking weekend to read straight from comic #1 and I’ve kept up ever since. I love how much you share with us readers: from alcohol to depression and medication, I’ve dealt with a lot of similar shit. I worry about you when shit’s going down, and I hope you have the fucking BEST time on this vacation. You deserve some rest, hope you and your wife can just chill.

Thanks, we had a good time. :)



Did you know that you’re more popular than Queens College? They’re the second hit for googling QC.



I was reading my Comm 101 text book (Mass Communication: Living in a Media World) and I turn the page there’s a picture of YOU! How exactly did this come about?

IIRC, they asked permission to include me in the book a few years ago and I said yes.

hi, sir. i’ve been a fan for a long time, and that came with reading about your repeated problems with sleep. lately, i’ve been having recurring issues with sleep— it’s been just about a year since the last time this happened; i won’t sleep at all at night, or i’ll sleep for 40-45 minutes, then i’ll sleep totally ridiculous times during the day— 11 AM to 7 PM or something like that. this has been going on for about a week. how did you manage to get your sleep schedule back on track?

I haven’t!

Question, has there ever been a weekday that you haven’t put up a comic? I’ve noticed for a while that the Fridays are always multiples of five, so it’s plausible that for the past 8 or so years, you have never missed a weekday, or you’ve just missed a mulitple of five weekdays. Sorry, I obsess over little things like this.

I can’t think of a time where I didn’t put SOMETHING up.

Hey Jeph, you might have touched on this before but I thought I’d ask anyway. I read long ago in a post or comment that it would take you a long, long while to produce each comic early on in its life, and eventually you came to be able to complete a strip in a fraction of that time. What was the biggest factor which affected your ability to complete a comic? Was it familiarity with the programs/tools used? A change of programs? Repetition? Or did you learn some time-saving tips? Thanks.

All of the above.

How do you feel, breaking fragile hearts like mine every day with your genius comic? HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?! But seriously, do you find yourself breaking your own heart? As a writer myself, I know that sometimes it hurts when you know where it’s all going to end up. Do you ever think about changing how things will end up, or do you just let the stories “write themselves”?

Writing sad stuff makes me sad, yeah.

Seeing as how you make a “Best Albums” list every year you must listen to a lot of music. I was wondering if you might care to share more of the music you listen to, even if it’s not the “best”, but it’s the stuff that you’re currently enjoying?

Anime is occasionally referenced in the comic, and it seems to have had an influence on your art. What are some of your favorite anime?

Nichijou, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Pani Poni Dash, Cromartie High, Dragon Half, Ogenki Clinic

Out of curiosity, what’s your opinion on ska? I personally love the genre, but it’s apparently polarizing.

not my thing