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STFU, Conservatives: redrupee: !! DO NOT SUPPORT PICTURES FOR SAD CHILDREN !!The creator...







The creator recently admitted that he is faking his depression for money. He also goes on to accuse the entire disorder of being a “socially enforced” construct that doesn’t medically exist. (Pointedly he only brings this up…

oh my god, tumblr


tumblr I hate to break it to you


I am pretty sure it was a joke

i’m sorry tumblr

i’m sorry you didn’t get the joke

God damn it dude, I liked you.

Ya know what isn’t very fucking funny to a lot of us? ‘Jokes’ like this. Even if it is a joke it’s still scummy as fuck because joking about mental illnesses being made up (and he implies most depressed people are making it up) is playing into a really wonderful little trope that already exists in which people tell us to ‘just think positive’ or ‘get some fresh air’ and we’ll be magically cured. Where depression is seen as a weakness and an excuse to do nothing. Where people with mental health issues are routinely kicked off disability benefits because we ‘just need to try harder’. I don’t exactly get what is so fucking funny about some douchebag making a shitton of money by saying he’s disabled, then saying ‘oops, nevermind, i was faking because depression is mostly fake lololol’.

Seriously, where’s the fucking joke?

You just explained the entire joke right there.

And you “don’t like me anymore” because I found something funny that you don’t? I’m sorry dude but that is also hilarious.

…Jeph, what they’re trying to say is that they find your behavior offensive.  Hell, I do too.  I mean, I love your work, and I’m not going to tear my hair out and storm off and never read it again or something, but I’m disappointed in you, man.

It is not cool to make jokes about those of us who don’t have standard-issue brain chemistry making our illnesses up.  It is fucking offensive, in fact.  Mocking us, making us into fodder for your humor, is not right.  It is, in fact, unjust.

I seriously thought you were a bigger man than this.

I have depression, OCD, and anxiety problems, and I got the joke. It’s not mocking people with depression. It’s satire.

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