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QA Dump #53

Is there any way I could get, like, a big list of all your character’s twitter conversations in order? I just read the ones for Emily, and seeing her interact with the rest of the cast is fascinating and entertaining even devoid of comic context. 

I’ve got people working on this.


Everyone knows a Marigold. If you don’t know a Marigold, you probably ARE a Marigold.

Did you steal the name of my Seattle-based yoga teacher for Tai’s name or did Tai’s name come first? I did a double take when I saw that name on the schedule.

I actually stole her name from someone I went to college with.

Can Marigold beat Level 3 in Battletoads?

Without dying.

I must say, I really love the technique you use for coloring hair, and leaves. C:

Thanks! It has a lot of different applications and I should really experiment with it more.

What OS do you use? Prefer? Any specific hardware modifications or additions beyond your drawing pad and stylus? 

 I use OS X and a big Mac Pro tower with a couple extra hard drives in it.

so, I grew up in the Amherst/Northampton region, and knowing that QC is based heavily on the area, I just have to ask: is the lake that Emily’s lake house is on Pine Island Lake in Westhampton? I’ve spent many summers there, and the houses, shoreline, landscape features, surrounding woods, all look very, very familiar to me. I’m extremely curious. Hope you can answer!

It is based on my friend Curtis’ lake house which might be on that particular lake, I can’t remember.

Thinking back to the ol’ Livejournal days, would you ever consider drawing more of those awkward “We Have Lasers!” high school photos for your characters? Would absolutely love to see the goofiness that is teenage Tai, Angus, and, of course, Marigold.

That’s not a bad idea. Maybe someday if I get bored. Marigold wouldn’t actually look any different than she does now.

is there a scar on faye’s boob? has that always been there?

Yes it is a scar and it has always been there even on the times when I forget to draw it. It is from a car crash.

Do you make characters otherwise friendless (Tai, Emily) so you don’t have to draw extra characters or because Hampshire students don’t have friends?

It just worked out that way.

wow ok marten is definitely building a harem

I love it when dumb people call QC a harem comic because basically none of Marten’s “harem” is attracted to him.

When I asked about AI/human relationships, I did not mean them fucking. I meant a romantic relationship, which doesn’t have to have absolutely anything to do with a sexual relationship. Just sayin’.

Well, shit. What am I supposed to do with all this human/AI porn I drew for you then

Are you coming to Webcomics Rampage in Austin again this winter?

I think so!

Considering that QC at the beginning was a pretty non-technical Indie Rock webcomic, how do you feel about getting all these Sci-Fi AI questions? I would probably be like “WTF!”

I’ve been focusing a lot more on the SF stuff in the comic lately so it seems pretty natural that people are curious about it. I take it as a good sign.

How’s the quitting smoking going?

It sucks but I have been able to stick with it thus far.