Hurricanes Are Stupid

So as of tonight, Western Massachusetts (where I live) appears to be directly in the path of Hurricane Sandy. If the storm is as bad as people are saying it could be, I may end up without power for some unknown period of time. I obviously won’t be able to do comics if that happens, but if worst comes to worst I’ll try and have *something* to upload.


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    This man is a hero, even in the face of a hurricane he still thinks of the webcomic first. IT’S FUCKING AMAZING OKAY.
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    Jephjacques è l’autore di Questionable Content, per inciso.
  3. miyaa999 said: Sandy willjust knock down Cambridge. Your worse problem could be heavy rain or snow depending on how cold it gets. You’ll be fine.
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    I believe the tablet he is referring to is the peripheral input device. He uses it to draw the comic. You would know...
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    Better make sure your tablet’s charged then (I’m assuming here that the tablet to which you so often make reference is a...
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  7. really-caring-milk-hotel said: I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as they say, they always seem to hype everything up too much. then again I’m not a meteorologist
  8. driftingtowardsirony said: I think a Hurricane qualifies as sufficient excuse to miss a few comics, yes. Keep yourselves and your critters safe! :3
  9. squoose said: Take care of yourself, Jeph. I’m in Somerville. This should be an adventure.. hopefully a minor one.
  10. esteesmi said: Well. good luck, sir. Tho it really isn’t that bad. Not at all.
  11. seanmonster said: No worries. Just stay safe, dude.
  12. thisinsufferablewoman said: Yay, hurricanes
  13. dsarma said: I hope you stay safe, Jeph. Will look forward to the comic whenever you can get it out. :)
  14. msmidnight said: Hope you and the family are safe and it goes as well as it can for you
  15. moonlightcitydrive said: I the comic-less-ness occurs, all I can say is… Enjoy the break? :P
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  17. willpower232 said: Stay safe good sir and no rush :-)
  18. ihaveashrinkray said: I hope you and everyone there stay safe.
  19. anybody-out-there said: nah bro, you better get the next issue of QC up in time or imma come up there from Brisbane and fuck you up! (just kidding, have a happy hurricane)
  20. orioncollective said: Just stay safe, okay? *le hug*
  21. lapsang-long-soak said: I just get excited that WM isn’t some pocket dimension in my mind is all.
  22. less-than-stellar said: Just be as safe as you can. Good luck!
  23. durarara-dollars said: Be safe jeph :)