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submitted without comment

Hey Jeff,

       Congrats on finally have a fat girl in your comic, you depicted her SOOO well! I understand that not ever girl is rail thin like Dora and curvy like Faye so its nice to see a REAL woman like Marigold in your comic. I have to give you props for having the courage to tackle such a sensitive issue too. I mean she did have any rolls, or stretch marks or even a muffin top, and I think that’s great. Ya, put her in a bikini, break down those walls. Your a regular Gobachev my friend. Lets just say keep up the good work, next you can depict the “fatty” Marigold having a “fat issue” and being told its okay to be fat and its whats inside that matters. You can even end it with a butt joke like you always do. 
        Inconclusion, the above paragraph was sarcastically written. Try not to insult women anymore Jeph, I know its not what you intended but that doesn’t meant its not what you did.