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QA Dump #55

Was the gang playing Ultimate Werewolf in that last comic (11/12)? It really is too fun. Also, glad to have you back!

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, which is apparently the same thing. And it’s good to be back.

To someone else whose having a hard time keeping the demons at bay, is there anything you’d recommend?

I feel kind of dumb giving advice considering my recent spectacular failure, but: therapy, medication, exercise, no booze, puppies.

when do you think you’ll find time to do a best music of 2012 list? In particular your dubstep recommendations have been spot on with me.


So, I just reread the the discussion about AI rights and wondered: Did that private AI facility belong to one of Hannelore’s parents?

Hannelore’s dad was on the team that built the first AI. It was the start of his fortune.

Hey Jeph, Im a big fan of yours. Been reading your comic for two years now. I was just wondering are you ever going to do a compilation of all the Yelling Bird comics (A website with yelling bird only links, or maybe a small book)?

Something like that is on the agenda for when I have two hands again.

I’ve always wondered, what are the DnD-esque Alignments of the main cast, in your opinion?

Marten and Hannelore are Lawful Good, Faye and Dora are Chaotic Good, Pintsize is Chaotic Neutral

Best of luck, Jeph. I wondered if your point with Marigold being fat was she actually isn’t but is instead rather curvy and attractive, not just fat.

I’ve never drawn Marigold especially “fat,” she just has horrible self-esteem. I thought this was obvious, but apparently not to some people.

Hi Jeph, Feel better soon, ok?

Workin’ on it.

is marten EVER going to find someone to love him? because he needs more love in his life.

NOPE (maybe)

How did you get better at making music/playing guitar? I have had a bass for about a year and though I can physically make notes come out of it, I have no idea what to do with the thing. I mess around trying to find bits that sound good but nothing comes to me.

Practice, play for fun instead of intending to write, learn other bands’ songs.

Favorite Meshuggah album?