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QA Dump #56

MIght’ve answered this one already, but here goes: What do you think the QCverse would be like if Pintsize had a body like Momo?

he would be in Robot Jail

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I don’t recall seeing it addressed on the forums (which, admittedly, I haven’t checked in months,) or in a QA dump. As a musician who has now makes money off his musical works (even if it isn’t your main source of income), what’s your view on piracy?

I don’t mind piracy. I try to buy as much music as I can, but I will download a record if it’s something I can’t find elsewhere. And if folks wanna torrent my music instead of buying it, that’s okay. It’s just something I do for fun, I would rather more people listen to it for free than fewer people listen to it for money.

I have a question. Assuming Hannelore has access to her parents’ wealth, why hasn’t she gotten a better chassis for Winslow like Marigold did?

Maybe Winslow likes his current chassis.

I ship Marten and Claire.

you are not alone

Hey Jeph, long time reader, (since 666 \m/,) but I’ve recently been awake when you’ve been live streaming. I’m curious as to how you create the effect with the hair. Is it a brush, or a plugin? Another thing that confused me was the psychedelic colour trip to create the shading and highlighting. How did you achieve that effect? Ps, BRB kitties rule.
The hair is just a brush in photoshop CS5 with a few long bristles, with opacity and line weight set to pen pressure. The shading is a plugin called BPelt which automatically fills white space with non-contiguous colors so I can just use the paint bucket to fill everything in quickly.
Hope your hand is doing better! I was wondering, as you have improved tremendously with your art, do you look at previous comics and try and figure out what to do differently, or do you just play with your drawing to see what happens?

I do my best to never look at old comics. I just try new things.

Can I just say I totally love Emily. That haircut was the final straw. She’s officially my favorite character.

you are also not alone
I know you have/had an 8 string guitar and use the Axe Fx. Does it handle the low notes well? I’m thinking of eventually transitioning to that system, and don’t want a separate one for my bass guitars. Do you feel like it could handle both well? Also, do you use headphones when playing? Monitors? Power amp that goes into a cabinet?
Yeah the Axe FX can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. I use it to track everything, including bass parts. I use both headphones and monitors when playing and recording.
How do you usually find new music?
Resident Advisor, the top 10
I am just curious, are you planning to address issues about Claire being at a women’s college? I went to a women’s college and some of my FTM friends had serious issues with the administration in all sorts of areas (referring, in parent materials to all students as “daughter;” girls-only gym hours; etc). I can imagine these would be even more complex for an MTF student…
We’ll see. I’m already a step ahead of reality by having her attend Smif, the real-life Smith currently does not admit MtF people (which I thought was preposterous when I found out).
I figure this will likely get ignored or not seen for months but I’d just like to thank you, both for your awesome comic, and for the inclusion of Claire. To explain, I’m… Like her, only still rather in the closet, so to speak. I’ve been having a sort of rough time lately, but when I saw the page of her outing herself, it made me feel a lot better, less… Uncomfortable. You’re one of the few webcomic artists I trust to write trans* well, and I just wanted to share that. So thank you.
Thank YOU. And I will do my best.
Hi Jeph, you’re awesome! I was wondering if you have time to settle a long-standing argument between a friend and myself… Is your sir name pronounced sort of like ‘Jocks (or Jocques)’ or ‘Jacks’?
Rhymes with sacks, not with cocks
Do you draw Claire keeping in mind that she’s trans? I feel like now that she’s come out about it, I can tell by looking, but I can’t put my finger on why.
I draw her keeping in mind what she looks like in my head, same as every other character.
im sure youve been asked this a lot. But…when you sat down and began creating the first QC comic..did you know it would become such a big thing, and how much a part of peoples lives it would become?
I had absolutely no idea.
Incredibly stupid question, but did you ever plan on there being other trans characters? I think it’s really great that transwomen get someone to look up to. (ex: my best friend really likes Hannelore because the characterization of her OCD isn’t treated as too much of a joke.) For some reason, when I heard there was a new character who was trans and I was catching up. I thought Claire and Clinton were both trans… I guess it’s headcannon. I’m glad there are transpeople represented fairly. TY!
I dunno! I don’t really keep a list of “kinds of characters” to include.
How long did it take you to realize Claire was transsexual after you conceived her character? Did you know right away how or when you would reveal this about her?
I knew I wanted to have a trans character in the comic, and she very rapidly occupied that role in my mind. Certainly within the first few strips.
quick question: did you intend to have Claire coming out coincide with Transgender Day of Remembrance, or was that just a lucky coincidence?
Nope. Synchronicity is weird sometimes.
Just saying, I like how you have Claire coming out as trans in the comic and not having it be a HUGE deal. Whenever I come out to someone I’m always afraid they’ll make a scene and stuff so, it’s nice that you’re treating it like it’s just another thing that people can happen to be instead of having it be this huge deal. Helps me feel kinda better, ya know? (the “ya know?” makes it a question, which means I can use it in the ask bit. >.>; )
That is pretty much exactly how I feel about trans folks!
On comic 2323, you mention you’ve done a lot of research into transgender. So, what would you do if someone you knew looked at your internet browser and started to freak out? 

I would wonder what they were doing snooping around on my computer!

Does writing characters who drink and party make it more difficult to not drink? Or is it a form of self therapy?

Not really. I draw characters who are robots too, and I am not a robot (yet).

Do you occasionally forget to draw Tai and Angus’ glasses, or do they wear contacts as well?

Tai and Angus (and Sven) wear contacts sometimes. Faye and Marigold and Claire do not. Unsure about Clinton so far.

Whenever I have a breakdown, of any size, if I’ve quit smoking beforehand, I invariably start back up during or post-breakdown. Question: have you maintained your non-smoker status through this whole thing?

So far, yes. I gotta be honest, I really miss it. But I’m gonna try and stick with it.