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QA Dump #57

Is there like a group of web comic artists who hangout together?? I can’t help but wonder because I read various parts of the Walkyverse, and Pintsize was referenced a while ago in Sam & Fuzzy. And if I dig into the back of my mind I feel vaguely as if I discovered these other comics from the side bars of QC. Do you guys know each other or is it just my imagination??

A lot of us are pals, yes. We hang out at conventions and ON THE INTERNET

How do you feel about punchlines? I all of your comics seem to have one. Is it due to being a daily comic and therefore you need one every day? Do you ever think about writing a book to avoid that need for a punchline per strip?

I am…in favor of punchlines? It’s kind of the main point of the kind of comics I do.

What material exactly is Pintsize made out of? I’ve always imagined him looking shiny and metallic, and certainly not “soft.” (Of course I may be discounting the fact that Emily is perhaps a wee bit off her nut.)

Rubbery plastic, kind of like a dog chew toy. His outer casing can deform. And yes Emily is a bit touched in the head.

Could you post a bigger version of the third panel of comic 2340 please? The one with Emily punching Pintsize? I NEED that as my desktop background.

Here “u” go

Seeing as QC primarily features hyper-advanced technology hanging juxtaposed with the aesthetics of nowadays-based society is it technically some kind of future-steampunk?

no because there are not enough corsets or top hats or gears or cynical romanticizing of Victorian society

How did you learn to draw using the programme(s) that you use? Did you take lessons, read tutorials or just mess around and try things out?

I just messed around in Photoshop. I had taken some graphic design classes in college so I was already pretty familiar with it.
So I’m not really an artist or anything but I’m curious: for the type of work you do, wouldn’t Illustrator be more appropriate than Photoshop? For one thing, you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping giganto print-resolution files.
No because Photoshop is way, way better for the kind of digital inking and coloring I do. Honestly I’d like to switch to Manga Studio for inking because it is even better than Photoshop, but I am too set in my ways to change now. 
Isn’t Momo being a bit blunt? I don’t know what those other guys think, but I reckon I’d feel a bit defensive if someone starting telling me that my long-time friend was ‘wrong’ for me. :(
Momo is so scandalized she forgot to be polite