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Deathmøle stuff

First off, here’s the new song! It’s the second one on the new “album” I’m working on, which is a concept album about how horses are kind of creepy. The first track, “Creepy Eyes,” is posted further back on this here Tumblr.

Ragged Mane

Also I was vanity-browsing Wikipedia the other day and saw that my article has a section about Deathmøle! Which is really weird and cool, but they have some wrong info on there, specifically about the number and sequence of Deathmøle albums. Here’s the list, in chronological order from oldest to newest:

• Moletopopolis
• Long Songs
• ???
• Trial Period (EP)
• Amps
• Absent Gods & Creatures Foul
• Fear of Black Horses (unfinished, working on it now)

Anyway I have no idea if information about the discography of a fictional cartoon band even BELONGS on Wikipedia, but if it does I guess somebody could update the article maybe?

I also get lots of people asking where they can download full albums. Here are a couple zip files of some of them, I will upload more as I get the chance:

Long Songs

Trial Period


Absent Gods & Creatures Foul


PS: holy shit I’ve written a lot of Deathmole songs. That is CRAZY.