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QA Dump #whatever why do I even number these things anymore

Hey, I was wondering if you heard the new Menomena album ‘Moms’, and what you think of it. They’ve been on two past top ten album lists if I remember correctly. Also thanks for releasing those lists every year. I always seem to find some new favorite artists in those.

I like it! Mines is still my favorite album of theirs but I am glad they are keepin’ on after one of their members left.

So Dora, Tai and Raven wear plugs, you’re drawing Marten’s mom’s piercings the same way. So is she wearing plugs or is that just how you draw ear bling for women?
I just like plugs, I think they’re neat
You once mentioned The New Pornographers in QC, what’s your opinion of them?
They’re good
I really like the hair texturing these days. Do you ever run into a spot where adding more detail makes it difficult to finish in a reasonable amount of time, or is it becoming easier to incorporate as your skill level increases?
The way it generally goes is when I add a new technique or detail it takes longer at first, then I get faster at it, then I add something else and it takes longer for a while again, etc. The strips don’t usually take much longer than they used to, I’ve just gotten good at doing more in that amount of time.
Built to Spill is coming to my town in two days. As someone who’s never seen them live before, is it worth going?
Sources indicate “yes”
As a trans woman who began reading your topic, I want to add the chorus of approval in your approach to Claire. You’ve managed a presentation that is sensitive without being saccharine, poised without pretension — she’s lovely, and so are you. Thanks for standing up to the internet trolls who are trying to determine your content, who are trying to tell you they’ll quit reading if this plot happens, or that. I taught the coming out panel of Claire in my 2nd year uni course on trans identities.
Thanks, I try my best :)
Hannelore is in practice asexual because her mental health problems preclude physical intimacy, but I wanted to know what you personally think of her. Would you consider her to be an asexual-heteroromantic, or something else?
I don’t think Hannelore is asexual, it seems to me that she’d love to make out with someone if she could get over her phobias. No idea if/when that will ever happen, though.
Do you plan to be at Emerald City ComiCon
Yeah, I’ll be at the Topatoco table as usual!
Hanners won’t get on a plane because she’s a germaphobe, but she’ll get on a space station that recycles all of it’s air?
Pretty sure space stations are cleaner than airplanes
Marten should go for Claire
this isn’t a question
Hey Jeph. I’m going to try and do a Fay cosplay at NewCon (in Portland) this year. What do you think I should wear? I was thinking just a Bearmonster tee (or a hand-made Coffee of Doom tee), my glasses, my short hair, and a badge that says “Faye”. Lame? or could I rock it, you think? Any better suggestions? I only say the name tag because otherwise, I just look like me. (which is kinda like Fay)
Cosplaying my characters is a little tricky because they’re just regular people, but I’ve seen some really remarkable examples in the past. I say go for it!
I know a while back you said you read George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, I think before the last book came out. You still read them? What do you think? How about the show?
I kind of dropped out of reading the books, I think they’re good but their format didn’t really jive with me. And I haven’t really watched the TV show, I don’t watch TV much at all.
How often do you surprise yourself when writing/drawing for QC?
Strips often take unexpected turns while I’m writing, so that’s frequently a surprise. Art, not so much- that’s more of a “process” to me. Although when I really nail a facial expression that’s always a pleasant moment.
Are you planning anything for the 10th anniversary of Questionable Content?
I don’t have anything specific in mind, but we’ll see!
is coffee of doom based off of haymarket? or maybe sam’s? this is such a silly question but i’m just a little ol hampshire student who’s always wondered! (ps i’ve been reading QC since i was in 6th grade. isn’t that crazy?)
It’s not really based off a specific shop, more the overall “surly barista” vibe most of the places in Northampton have.
Also that is ENTIRELY TOO YOUNG to be reading my comic! You are very naughty!
Many moons ago, There was a comment about having forgotten to draw Faye’s scars in one strip. Now that you have so many characters, do you use a checklist to help you keep track of the details?
I probably should, but most of the time it just comes from memory. Sometimes I will go back and look up old strips if there’s something I’m not sure about.
What format do you save each comic in when you upload them? The strips that this pixelated-but-not-pixelated effect that I love, but I’ve not idea how to create it. It’s especially noticeable with character’s hair.
That’s just a result of the limited color palette inherent to PNG-8 format. I’d love to use higher-quality images for my site but it uses way too much bandwidth as it is. These newer strips are gonna look really nice in print form, at least.
I want to go to Emerald City Comic Con, but I don’t know what day is best. If I only go one day, when do you think is best for someone who is going specifically to see webcomics people?
Really any day is a good day. Sunday is usually the quietest and Saturday is usually the busiest, but cons are funny and you never really know when you’re gonna be slammed by people.
Are you by any chance going to be at Smith College’s Conbust this year? It would be amazing if you came. I’m a big fan and resident of Northampton. :)
I might stop by to hang out or do a panel or something but I won’t have a table or whatever.
I’ve been reading your comic for quite a while at this point, and when Claire came out to Marten I lost it. Tears, suddenly stuffy nose, the whole nine damned yards. Not just because of how hard it can be to come out, but at Marten’s reaction. Just taking it in, and carrying on as though nothing has changed. That’s the kind of reaction so many trans folk (Myself included) always hope for. The way you’ve written and handled this character development is perfect. Bravi.
Thanks :)
Hey Jeph, I’ve been reading your comic for years now and I love it. It’s my favorite webcomic. :) I’m from Massachusetts and I was wondering, are you planning on appearing at any cons near the MA/New England area any time soon?
I don’t have anything specific planned, but there may be something later on this year. We’ll have to wait and see.