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Here, let me put this to a vote.

This guy has sent this same First Post like 30 times.  I didn’t approve it the first time because, dude, there is not one true thing in there.  It is 100% bullshit, every last word.  But then he keeps on trying.  Is there merit to letting one through?  I mean, it’s not even a fun post to refute.  You just have to say “No, that’s a lie” after every sentence until you’re done.  Maybe with a single “how the hell are you using ‘intellectual’ as a slur” somewhere in there.  Possibly tie it all up with asking him to read an actual book or visit a museum.  

Really, releasing it on my comments just means he’s going to get laughed at a whole bunch.  I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but I can be convinced.  Maybe I need a different perspective, is all.

Don’t post it, this guy is either trolling or a complete imbecile.