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You seem to be getting into having certain frames animated lately. Is there a reason for that? Did you just figure out how to do it, and are having fun with it? Not complaining, just curious.

Just something I decided would make certain panels funnier. Doing simple animation in Photoshop is really easy.

Any chance of getting the new shirts (for men) done on American Apparel? I notice that you usually print the women’s on them, but not the men’s. Quite frankly, I find them much more comfortable than the Gildan ones.

That’s up to Topatoco. Maybe?

I, too, am fascinated by your nerdery. I noticed Momo’s new chassis has what appears to be a solid exo-skin. Every other model featured in the latest arc has articulating separate parts connected at the joint like an action figure. Is Momo’s chassis just a later model? Higher quality? And is it an actual flesh-like skin? Imagining that in real life gives me the Uncanny Valley jibblies. :P

It’s a seamless synthetic covering- it has some actual stretch and give to it, unlike the other chasses which are a semi-deformable plastic like Pintsize, hence their visible joints. It doesn’t have the same texture as skin, it’s just a flesh-toned synthetic.

When Deathmøle first started out, you had a Martin, the indie king, and Natasha and Amir, hardcore rockers. Natasha suggested the name Deathmøle, but Amir and Martin didn’t think it really fit the sound. Now that you’re making Deathmøle tracks, though, the name kind of seems like a perfect fit. Is that the sound you had in mind when you first put the band together, and if so, why does Martin play metal?

The style of music I write for Deathmøle actually started out as a joke- I wanted to write and record a really stupid metal song, so I did, and it turned out to be really fun. So fun, in fact, that I started writing more “serious” metal tracks, and that’s basically how the music evolved.

Marten plays metal because metal is fun to play! He’d probably play jazz if someone invited him into a jazz band. Dude just likes playin’ music.

Have you tried an SM-57? I always got happier results even though Shure claimed both had the same elements. I also noticed that new gen guitar processors have higher input impedances resulting in less homogenized tone. Now string composition and gauge become important in finding a given tone - if you can ever pick out a cabinet you like. Even pickup height in relation to strings affects tone. The advice I give is not too complex. “No one guitar does ALL things.”

SM57s sound awful with high-gain amps. They have a really annoying high-frequency hiss that I spend so much time trying to get rid of (with EQ or mic positioning) that it’s just not worth it. As far as software modeling goes, the Neumann and Royer mic models on the Axe-FX sound best to my ears.

Also that is partially why I own so many damn guitars. Some sound best in standard tuning, others sound great in drop-C, my Les Paul sounds incredible in drop-B. Still getting to know my PRS Singlecut, not sure what niche that one’s gonna fill yet.

How do you prefer to pronounce Hannelore’s name? Is it the German way rhyming with Isadora or the phonetic way rhyming with herbivore?

Rhymes with herbivore.

What hardware/software do you use for recording your guitar?

Currently using Logic Pro, a Presonus FireBox audio interface, a Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra guitar preamp, various guitars, Sennheiser headphones, Alesis powered monitors, and an M-Audio MIDI keyboard. Playing around with FXpansion’s “BFD 2” drum modeling software as well, but that has yet to make its way into my official process.

When you’re drawing on the stream, I notice that for colouring you do this odd thing with inverted colours and whatnot. Is it for detecting contrast or…what?

That’s a Photoshop plugin called “BPelt” which makes flatting (laying down the basic colors) a lot simpler and faster than doing it by hand.

Now that you’ve introduced Leda and have given us plenty of back round information on the AIs, will they be in the comic more? For instance, will we see more AIs with very human-like chassis like Leda’s?

I seem to do robot-centric stories in fits and spurts. I’m sure there will be more in the future, but I don’t know specifics.

Really fascinated by the worldbuilding stuff in Monday’s newspost! Would you be willing to elaborate on the concept of the global meta-AI? (I am also a big old nerd)

The meta-AI is the closest thing AIs have to a “governing body,” outside of their actual local, state, and national administrations. It’s part democratic polling, part group subconscious, part multiply-parallel linked intelligences. It doesn’t have a consciousness, per se, but it tends to reflect the general will of the artificial population vis. autonomy, development, human relations, etc.

Basically it’s a good thing they decided they liked humans, or things might have gone…badly for our kind in the QC universe.

Will you include more of the “world-buildy stuff” in the QC books? I’d love to see more of your writing about anthro-PCs and their role in society. (Yeah, I know, spot the sci-fi geek!)

This is a good suggestion and something I would like to do in the future.